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Offbeat topics and requirements in Scholarship essay contest
The sponsors of scholarship are naturally eager to determine who deserves what they offer. They use scholarship essay contests as the ubiquitous tool.
There are many scholarship essay contests restricted to students of particular schools or colleges. Corporate entities, trusts and other national or international bodies award scholarships for education anywhere, to students of any school or college. The contestants span a wider geographic area including the whole world. Naturally such scholarships are very hotly contested.
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Essay cheats
Essay Writing Service or Essay Cheat service?
Traditional teachers labeled essays copied from other students, past or present, as “essay cheats” and ranked them very low. But Internet and World Wide Web have been spawning professional essay writing services for nearly a decade. Are such services “essay cheat” services as some people say?
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Merchant of Venice essay
Merchant of Venice Essays – summaries and critiques
Often students of language and literature are expected to write essays on literary classics. Merchant of Venice essays are of this genre.
Shakespeare’s play, Merchant of Venice is classified as “romantic comedy” by the pundits. Many believe that it was written during 1596-98 AD and staged for the first time in 1600. It is full of melodramatic twists and turns and sports a liberal dose of poetic clichés. The famous adage “All that glitters is not gold” owes its sheen to this play.
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The Color purple essay- Book reviews
The Color purple essays
An African American author Alice Walker wrote the novel “The Color Purple” in 1982. It won the Pulitzer price for fiction. It gained wide publicity after the famous movie director Stephen Spielberg made a period drama film based on it, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover.
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Essay Helper
What are essay helpers
Essay helper is a vast array of resources including dictionaries and computers. It aids the various facets of the essay writing process. In common parlance it indicates special services and artifacts like essay writing services, graphic essay organizers, writing maps, spelling and grammar checkers and search engines.
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Use essay graphic organizer with care
Essay graphic organizers
Scientists, engineers and IT (Information Technology) professionals often document their design ideas in diagrams and standardized forms. IT uses this method in CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering) tools. An essay graphic organizer is comparable with a CASE tool. It is one of the essay helpers this blog has already discussed.
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SAT essay questions
How to answer a SAT essay question?
College Board, a neutral body, conducts “SAT Reasoning tests”. The test seeks to measure the reasoning, subject, math, reading and writing skills of college aspirants. Many accept SAT as a standardized scale to assess the suitability of diverse school pupils, for higher studies.
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Essay bank
Use essay banks cautiously
Essay banks sell or distribute essays already written by themselves or others. There are some “free” essay banks in the Internet. One can download essays from such sites without any payment.
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Legal essay
Let us first define “Legal essay” as an essay written as law coursework. One may also write such essays as course work elsewhere where law is a subject, like accounts or business studies. We are not talking about other types of law essays like LSAT essays and law school admission essays.
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A Rock Cycle Essay – You Can Get an A+
Do you think that you will never get an A+ on your rock cycle essay? You do not know much about rocks, especially about their cycles. You have never been interested in rocks, but now need to write an essay about them.

Well, then you have nothing to do but get interested in rocks for a while. Besides, you have to find at least general facts about them. Below is a list of things you should know to write your essay on the rock cycle.
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