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Argumentative Essay Topics
Argumentative Essay Topics
Take a Look at Some Good Argumentative Essay Topics
It is not always easy to select a topic for your argumentative essay writing. Take a look at some good Argumentative Essay Topics that could make your decision easier. Always remember that it is better to select an essay topic which you are interested in. Only if you like your topic you will be able to do the necessary research for it. Also remember that when you write such types of essays, you need to support your claims with proper evidence, regardless of the argument side that you choose.
Argument Essay Topics by CategorySocial Concerns Computing Issues Constitutional Issues Bioethics
Animal Rights
Gay Marriages
Illegal Immigration
Medicinal Marijuana Intellectual Property & Piracy
Cybercrime and Privacy Gun Control
The Death Penalty Assisted Suicide
Genetic Research

Essay, Speech and Debate
Is global climate change man-made?
Is the death penalty effective?
Is our election process fair?
Are universities too dependent on standardized exam marks?
Should we be able to accept torture? Is our system of taxation just?
Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?
Is cheating out of control?
Is war caused because of religion?

Controversial Argumentative Essay TopicsAdoption
Breast cancer
Child trade
Privacy and the Internet
Pornography debate
Sex education
Whistle blowing Zionism and racism
Teenage pregnancy
Nuclear Disarmament
Physician assisted suicide
Breast Cancer

Other Argumentative Essay Topics to Consider
Should we do more to deal with the problem of domestic violence, or is the problem exaggerated?
Is there too much of commercialism in the Internet?
Should the animals be used for scientific research? Is it humanly?
Should the cigarettes smoking be banned as heroin consumption?
Should drivers of automobiles be prohibited from using cellular phones?
Should restrictions be placed on the use of mobile phones in public areas like restaurants and theatres?
Shall we integrate from Marketing to E-Marketing?
Should the death penalty be mandatory for people that kill other people?
Your friends want to go dancing; however, all this week you’ve been thinking about bowling. Try to persuade them to go to a bowling club.
Should cigarette smoking be banned?
Are cell phones dangerous?
Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?
Do violent video games cause behaviour problems?
Should creationism be taught in public schools?
Do beauty contests exploit?
What age is appropriate for dating?
Should gay couples be able to marry?
Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school?
Does boredom lead to trouble?
Is homework harmful or helpful?

Besides these topics, there are plenty of other essay topics that you could choose from. Make sure you research your topic choices thoroughly before making a selection.
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