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A Basic Essay Format
A Basic Essay Format
Learn the Rules of Essay Format Writing
The best way to approach an essay is by following the format of a 5 paragraph essay. In general, this Essay Format consists of five parts. These five parts include the introduction, the body which comprises three main paragraphs, and the conclusion which summarizes the key points of the entire paper. According to this format, your essay structure should look like this:Introduction
Main Point I
Main Point II Main Point III

How to tackle the introduction

Actually, your introduction must strive to answer three following questions:
What topic are you discussing in your essay?
This is a very important question that must be necessarily answered. When you reply on this question, you let your readers know what your essay is all about. The way you carry out this step is simple. All you have to do is state the necessary information. For instance, if your essay is about a specific book, you should provide the title, author and other related details about your essay.
How do you discuss what your essay is about?
This is the stage in your Essay Format introduction where you show your readers how your essay has been structured. In this section you bring in your main points or introduce the evidence that validates the highlighted issues and raised problems.
What do you plan to prove in your essay?
Briefly, this is the part where you bring in your thesis statement. Usually, the thesis is the final sentence in the first paragraph. The purpose of the thesis statement is to clearly state the thoughts or the arguments that you are going to present in your essay.
How to construct the body

Your essay body encompasses the part between the introduction and your conclusion. In this section of your Essay Format, you should discuss three main issues of your essay. A good place to begin would be the visualization of every evidence as a distinct paragraph. In a word, every paragraph must cover certain details:
Present an idea
Fully explain it
Provide evidence that validates your opinion
Discuss the way in which your viewpoint and evidence are related to your thesis

The main purpose of every paragraph is to show the connection between your judgements and thesis. However, it makes things a lot clearer if you spell this out in at least one of your paragraph lines.
How to finish with a conclusion

In reality, this is a very simple task. The thing is that your conclusion must discuss what you have written in your introduction. So all you have to do is rephrase your answers for the first three questions. It would also be a good idea to trace the arguments that you stated in your essay. You could do this by following a simple formula:

Point 1 + Point 2 + Point 3 = your thesis statement or
Point 1 logically leads to Point 2 which results Point 3 which proves your thesis!

Following an Essay Format is important if you want to write a good essay. For additional help with your essay writing, you could take a look at an essay writing service. Good luck!
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