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Why reading is so important
Why reading is so important
When people graduate the high school, they become to associate poems and classical literature with insufferable boring stuff that is why they don't read books in future. I feel that the problem is not only in the absence of interest from students side, however also in the subsidiary teaching materials and teachers who are out of time and overwhelmed to persuade the teens to read and to explain the significance of this.

Nowadays we stick to the internet and different HiFi things. But computer literacy is not the same as information literacy. You will not be able to use Google search engine when you are going to the library, there you will need integrated information working skills which are taught on the as-needed basis. Furthermore, the rise of the internet popularity and filming of classical literature masterpieces and audio records of poems decrease the reading among young adults. In addition to this, teens are weak at recognizing the need for information, formulating questions, identifying sources of information, developing successful search strategies, accessing the sources of information, evaluating information and implementing it.

A small group of psychologists and linguists at Cornell University in the 1960-s concluded that it should be known more about the nature of reading itself and about how children learn to read before it could be constructed effective instructional programs. During years many other reports were written by these researchers, but all of them can be assumed to the idea of the skillful reader.

Reading is an essential process for developing mental skills but it is much more comfortable to receive a custom research paper or buy a thesis. Thus, you get all useful information concentrated in one scientific paper without wasting your time searching for wanted data and facts in numerous sources.