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Why modern teens do not read
Why modern teens do not read
In this essay I would like to express my thoughts regarding the topic why a lot of young people do not read classical literature and poetry nowadays. Making an effort to combine two different views of the issue, on the hand, the problem from the psychological point of view as it has been seen from students and teachers perspectives, on the other hand, the tendency to replace the classical reading by internet and TV, drive me to the unique vision of the problem.

Knowles and Smith proposed three key explanations of why modern teens do not read.They sound like teens do not have time for reading; they set aside this for the nearest future and put ahead the category of unmotivated readers. We should more take into consideration the last one which is of particular interest for us.

I absolutely support the authors' point that students learn more from things they understand and want to read, instead of reading something boring to them and in the manner that is far from their perception of the reading process. Several aspects should be kept in mind knowledge, comprehension, language, information and experience. If one of this stage is not covered by a child there are high chances that child will be unsuccessful in reading process.

This is the main problem with poetry and classical reading, most of the time students do not get the gravity of them, and are forced to read with plays on words/language, rhythm, missing the main points of the classical works students miss the timeline of the world literature development and their impact on civilizations, if to simplify, people are not eager to read the things that they do not comprehend.

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