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Why Are Dissertation Abstracts so Important?
Why Are Dissertation Abstracts so Important?
A dissertation –also known as thesis- is probably the most important work in a student’s academic career. The dissertation is the culmination of a very long process, and it is meant to show the student’s achievements at the end of their academic studies and in the beginning of their professional life. Dissertation abstracts are key elements because they are a window into the content of the full dissertation, the first (and sometimes the only) thing everybody interested will read.
Many students don’t give the abstract its true importance, or get too confused when trying to summarize years of hard work into a 600 word paragraph. But we need to emphasize that preparing a good abstract is almost as important as working on the whole dissertation writing.

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What exactly is an abstract?

It is a brief summary of a paper, essay, dissertation or article, used to help potential readers to get the general purpose of the whole work. While the extension of the abstract may vary, it rarely takes more than a page. The abstract is supposed to be easily readable and very clear.
The abstract is a way of communicating scientific and academic research in few words, so many can learn about them from reading this brief summary. Publications, Internet, events, academic conferences, all these are contexts where the abstract is likely to be published. Students writing an abstract for their dissertation know, then, that few people will go through their full paper and many will just read the abstract, so it should be perfectly clear.

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Is the abstract the same as an introduction?

Not exactly. Any assignment writing well planned and written is supposed to have some kind of introduction, while the abstract has some very specific purposes: it gets published on academic publications, or the professionals include it in their resume. As we established before, many people read an abstract and don’t need to read the whole dissertation. As for the introduction, it is written for someone who is actually going to read the full paper. That is why the introduction only sketches the main lines of the work, while the abstract has to summarize its whole contents.

What should every appropriate abstract include?

In a good abstract there should always be the dissertation keywords. Note that some database search engines index abstracts only, so that makes them the key to the whole work. Of course, abstracts should include the research focus and methods, as well as the results of the research and its conclusion (which, by the way, are not usually include in the introduction of the paper). If that doesn’t mean extending the abstract too much, it can also include some references. On the other hand, examples and development of the research are not include in the abstract as the reader should look for them in the dissertation itself.

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