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Geography Coursework: Writing Tips
Geography Coursework: Writing Tips
Welcome to the article suggesting you some useful tips on Geography coursework writing! Make use of the pieces of advice suggested below and get an A+ on your Geography courseworks.
Geography Coursework: Introduction
Start with creating a hypothesis. Hypothesis is a statement that should be proved throughout your Geography coursework; it is based on the key question.
Your introduction should also consist of the following items:
The geographical topic and background;
The specific hypothesis to be tested in your Geography coursework;
The reasons to choose your topic for exploring in the Geography coursework;
An outline of the materials you will collect and test throughout your research.

Geography Courseworks: Methods

Analyze your hypothesis and think over what methods may be useful to investigate it.
Apply to various methods, such as interviews, observations, surveys, questionnaires.
Inform your reader about the methods used in a clear and precise manner for him/her to be able to follow your research.

Geography Coursework: Data Presentation
Present your findings using maps, graphs, tables, photos, diagrams or descriptive statistics. Be sure to give the key for each of the list.
In your Geography coursework include also the examples of data sheets, questionnaires, etc. that you have used while conducting the research.

Geography Coursework: Data Interpretation
Describe the results achieved below the graphs, maps, etc that you use to render your message;
Find out the reasons for obtaining such results;
Make sure to add references to numerical data.

Geography Coursework: Conclusion
Outline the results achieved and state their connection to the hypothesis.

Geography Coursework: Evaluation
Analyze the effectiveness of the data collected;
Outline the problems appeared in the process of work, say what measures were taken to resolve them;
Describe pros and cons of the methods used;
Consider the accuracy of your results;
Offer some ideas as for further research on the problem.

Be dilligent and let success attend you in your Geography courseworks writing!

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