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AQA Coursework
AQA Coursework
AQA stands for Assessment and Qualifications Alliance. It is the largest of the three English exam boards. The institute is engaged in setting and marking such exams as GCSE Revision, A level and other qualifications. AQA coursework is the one submitted to the AQA. AQA coursework may be written on all possible spheres of human knowledge, it embraces mathematics, English, dance, history, etc. In this article we will present some hints on this type of writing for you to be know the generalities of AQA coursework before indulging into research.

First, you should know that AQA issues special Candidate Record Forms for AQA coursework. They are intended to authenticate the candidates’ works and help the teachers to record their assessments. Therefore, you should select this form depending on the sphere you deal with.

The title of AQA courseworks is called hypothesis, this is the main question your paper is intended to answer. Clear and precise title will help you to focus on the problem. The hypothesis is a direct statement; its truth is going to be approved. Try to pick out such a topic that not only presents some value for the science but also interests you. Consult your professor about the topic’s accuracy and start conducting the research. Enquire also about the professor’s preferences and adjust your AQA coursework to them.

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