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Courseworks: a Struggle for Students, a Pleasure for Tutors
Courseworks: a Struggle for Students, a Pleasure for Tutors
Coursework writing is an assignment often proposed to students of university or middle/high school grade. The mark received for coursework contributes to the student’s overall grade, though it is assessed separately from the final exams
Courseworks can be various in forms: from experimental works to science courseworks.

The main target of the professor who sets the task of coursework writing is to check the students’ knowledge on a particular subject, on the one hand, and to develop this knowledge, on the other. When a student is engaged in coursework writing, his/her knowledge broadens together with the sources studied, the research skills are extremely enhanced. The same goes with logical and critical thinking abilities. All this contributes to the student’s self-development, the importance of which goes further than just in academic writing.

Sometimes it happens that courseworks are performed by the group of students, hence, the significance of coursework writing for the development of skills to work in a team, the importance of which cannot be overestimated in the modern life.

In general, courseworks serve a spring board for further research. This is at this stage where the student’s burning desire to learn more originates from. The professor’s task is to be capable to captivate properly the researcher’s challenges to write much and effectively. This is in the professor’s power whether to inculcate the student’s interest to coursework writing, or, on the contrary, to make him/her hate the very idea of it once and forever.

One of the worst things the students neglecting the importance of coursework writing may do is stealing the results of someone’s assiduous work and presenting them as their own. The problem is called plagiarism. It still remains one of the most crucial in the American education.

Please, do not become one of the mass! Present your own coursework and be proud of the results achieved!

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