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The Main Difficulty of Writing College Essays
The Main Difficulty of Writing College Essays
Not that long ago you have entered a college/university. You have finished successfully your high school, and now a new life is waiting for you. Your college life will be really exciting and interesting. You will have new friends, professors, activities.

Still, there will be one thing that you are already aware of. This is college essay writing. At school you have completed a lot of them. If you think you got rid of this task, I will disappoint you. Writing college essays is going to be a frequent assignment.

By the way, a lot of freshmen have difficulties with writing a college essay. This task seems to be similar to what you have done at school. You think that nothing has changed in the way you write. You have a good style and you are talking about smart things. Such a work would get an A+ at school.

Still, your college professors are not satisfied. They tell you that something is missing in your piece of writing. Few months go by and you think that writing college essays is the task you will always hate.

Thus, we are going to tell you about the main differences between writing college essays and the school ones. You will find out the key points of writing a college essay.

Writing college essays boils down to analyzing. You cannot just read something and then retell it in your paper. You have to make a deep analysis.
Another significant point of writing college essays is making a valuable claim. This will happen after you finish analyzing. Making a claim means stating something not obvious.

One more considerable aspect of writing a college essay is giving an essay argument and evidences that will support your claim.
So, writing a college essay can be a bit frustrating. However, if you learn the basic rules, you will get used to it quickly.

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